About Us

Ever wondered who’s behind this MONSTER costume? Well, I, Rohan, will be your Whistblower today!

We are a team of 3, dynamic engineering geeks from India who loves playing with electronics stuff more than anything else. We had our own personal experiences of buying electronics devices (talking about the times when we were nerds). For most of us, the encounters were more of a bitter – All thanks to those con sellers.

Fortunately, things have changed now. We are more of an expert – at least in this field. And we believe there’s nothing better than utilizing the knowledge for the bettermen of others.

So here we are. On MonsterFPS we review the different display devices including computer monitors, LED televisions and the projectors devices. Our priority has always been to do thorough research first before recommending anything to our valuable audience.

So if you’re interested in buying your next monitor, TV or projectors – MonsterFPS is the place to check out first!