Looking for the best 43 inch LED TV in India for money? Great! Cause today, I am going to show you 10 handpicked televisions in 43-inch size segment – so hold tight!

All of the models mentioned in this list are rigorously researched and studied.

I have tried to find the best TV for every budget, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to check them all before you make the final decision.

COMPARISON: 10 best 43 inch LED TV in India

TV Model
Smart TV
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9. Thomson ATH1000
8. LG 43UM7290PTF
7. Sanyo Kaizen 43”
6. Mi 4A PRO
5. Onida Fire
4. Kodak 40FHDXSMART
3. Samsung Super 6
2. Vu 43UH
1. Sony 43W672G
1. Nokia 43CAUHDN

REVIEWS: 10 best 43 inch LED TV in India

10. Thomson ATH1000 – best 43 inch 4K Smart TV under 25000

Thomson LED 
- best 43 inch led tv in india

let’s head start with Thomson at number 10. The 43 inches LED TV from France, is one of the finest in the market. All thanks to its pretty impressive feature to price balance. Thomson comes with a very good quality built-in which includes thin & stylish bezel design and cozy TV stand.

Ultra HD 4K display at budget

One of the most attractive things that got my eyes rolled over Thomson TV is the 4K IPS panel that it comes with. Delivering the most rich-color 43-inch display experience to your living room.

Android Smart features

This Thomson 43 inch model is indeed an Android (Pie) smart TV. It comes with Google Assistant, Chromecast with Wifi & Bluetooth hardware in-built. There’s a little restriction though to the type of apps and games you can download from Playstore. Thomes does support the likes of NetFlix, Hotstar, Youtube, etc.


  • 43 inch IPS grade display
  • 3840 x 2160p Ultra HD (4K) resolution
  • Android Pie smart with ChromeCast in-built.
  • Quad-Core Mali CPU with 2.5 GB RAM & 8 GB internal
  • Wifi & Bluetooth enabled
  • 3 HDMI + 2 USB ports
  • 30W of loud in-built
  • 1 Year warranty

Final Verdict

With an incredible 43 inch 4K screen built out of IPS panel and even better 30 Watts, in-built speakers are something you should demand the complete home theatrical experience. That’s perhaps why it’s our best 43 inches 4K LED TV under 25000 in India.

9. LG 43UM7290PTF – best 43 inch 4K Smart TV for Netflix

There’s no better TV in the 43-inch segment for the most premium viewing experience than the LG 43 inch 4K television. The Artificial Intelligence enabled model comes with an exceptional quality build, IPS burst display for a pleasing entertainment experience.

Compelling AI ThinQ Alexa & GA enabled smart TV

Although not an Android smart but the TV can easily compete with its innovative features. The only TV to enjoy both Google Assistant and Alexa. AI ThinQ that learn from your content consumption patterns and gives you more accurate suggestions. Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, and a lot of apps to browse.
The LG Magic Remote (sold separately) empowers you with voice command & more fluid control over your screen. It’s pairable to many other electronics like Set-Top Box.


  • Impressive 43” 4K IPS screen for crispier picture quality
  • Simple yet sophisticated design
  • Immersive 20W output DTS-X audio
  • AI ThinQ smart TV with Quad-Core CPU
  • Hotstar, Prime, Netflix, and more
  • Alexa & Google Assistant built-in
  • Bluetooth & Wifi enabled
  • Wide view display
  • Magic Remote sold separately

Final Verdict

This LG ThinQ model is one of the most expensive on the list. Premium build, better picture quality, and pleasing sound are few of the highlights. It is perhaps the best non-Android smart TV. How ever, you will have to buy the Magic Remote separately, which is the key to enjoy the smart features at the fullest.

8. Sanyo Kaizen Series – 4K Android Certified 4K Smart TV

At number seven is the Sanyo’s Kaizen series 43-inch model. The Japanese made television has a bunch of noteworthy features to offer. Including the 4K display powered by IPS technology with an astonishing 1.3 billion colors that the screen can produce for amazing viewing experience.

Impressive build that attracts the eyeballs

One of the first things you will notice about this television is its built-in which is just perfect. It has a slim thin profile with a modern texture that makes your living room even more dashing.

Android Certified Smart TV with Pie 9.0

What also makes this LED modern is the OS it has fit inside. With Android Pie within, you have the ultimate freedom to enjoy internet content all on your big screen. Be it Netflix, Hotstar or any games it all possible with Playstore. It has Chromecast and G Assistance built within.


  • Superb 4K picture quality for better movies experience
  • Attractive physics with the slim-fit finish
  • Official Android Pie Smart TV
  • Chromecast built-in with Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Netflix, Hotstar, YT supported
  • Voice Remote+Google Assitance enabled
  • 20W Dolby Digital audio output
  • 1Y Manufacturer Warranty
  • Best for movies and internet

Final Verdict

The Kaizen Series 43 inch model is one of the best built-in the list. If the outer look matters to you along with better picture quality then it is the right TV for you. And off course with a range of powerful smart TV features.

7. Mi 4A PRO – best 43 inch Full HD Android TV

It’s hard not to find a crushing electronics from the Chinese brand. This Mi 43 inch television is just one of them.

The full HD LED TV unpacks 1920x1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate for stuttering free picture quality.

The delicious Android Pie OS

Mi PRO comes with up to date Android smart features enabling you to watch all those web content from likes of Netflix, Hotstar & more to name. It has google assistant and Chromecast inbuilt

The sound quality and loudness of the model are just equally impressive. The Mi 43 inch LED has 20 watts of DTS-HD quality audio output.

As far as connectivity is concerned it comes with Wifi & Bluetooth for wireless needs and 3 ports for HDMI & USB each.

Mi Pro comes with a modern high tech remote control that gives you effortless control over your television screen. It works from whichever angle you try to and even accepts your voice command with just a click of a button.


  • 43” inch Full HD TV with IPS panel
  • Android Smart with a lot of apps like Playstore, Netflix, Prime, etc.
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Wifi & Bluetooth enabled
  • 20W audio output with DTS-HD
  • Modern Smart remote control with google assistance
  • 3 HDMI & 3 USB ports for flexible connectivity

Final Verdict

Mi is one of the top options on this list. With a whole lot of features that it has to offer, the television is a lucrative deal. If you are a fan of android and looking for a nice looking profile and at budged then you should definitely go for it. But remember, its not a 4K TV.

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6. Onida Fire – FHD Fire Smart LED TV

If you are an Amazon Fire Stick fan then this TV might be just the right one for you. The 43 inches full HD TV from Onida comes with the first stick built-within which otherwise costs an extra 4000.

The television has a good looking and overall slim profile and 16 Watts of Dolby Digital audio output with surround sounds.

Fire OS with Alexa inside

As I said, the television is made smarter with the Amazon Fire OS. Enabling you to enjoy the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube and 1000s of popular games.

The television comes with a highly powerful smart remote control. It’s super easy to operate and also has Alexa AI inside that takes your voice command.


  • 43” FHD (1920x1080p) IPS display
  • Fire OS Smart Alexa enabled TV
  • Smart remote enabled with Alexa voice command
  • 16 Watts Dolby Digital Plus audio with Surround Sound
  • 3-HDMI & 1-USB port
  • Dual-Band Wifi & Bluetooth inside
  • Hotstar, Prime, Netflix, SonyLiv & more supported
  • Screen mirroring supported

Final Verdict

Onida 43” smart TV model comes with the only highlight of being Fire Smart TV. It comes with Fire Stick built-in which otherwise costs around 4000. On the downside, the television is only a full HD and with not so impressive audio quality. So if you are one of those guys with a focus on Fire Stick then it’s the right TV for you or you still have a lot of other good options here.

5. Kodak XSMART – cheapest 43 inch Full HD TV

Next up in our list of the best 43 inches LED TV is from Kodak. This cost-effective television comes with a handful of quality features. First, it has an excellent A+ grade IPS display with full HD resolution and wide viewing range so you can enjoy the screen from any side of the room. The screen is super bright with 500 NITS, which makes it perfect even for light-heavy rooms. Robustly built, ultra-thin bezels and pleasing design are some of the physical highlights.

The Kodak 43 inch LED TV blows 20W auto-noise-reduction audio output helping you hear every sound in detail.

An array of content for consumption

While the Android version is on the lower side (7.0) but the TV is still a lot of fun. The Kodak smart TV comes with must-haves like Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar, Prime, and much more. You can enjoy over 10 million hours of consumables in 10+ languages.


Ample design
Full HD IPS display 500 NITS of brightness
20W noise-reduction audio
Android smart TV
64-Bit CPU, 1GB RAM & 8GB storage at the core
Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, Youtube pre-installed
3 HDMI port & 2 USB ports
1 Year brand warranty

Final Verdict

The Kodak 43 inch model is one of the cheapest LED TV in India. It’s low priced, but offers a very competitive product that is well-designed, has a vivid display, better, and louder Dolby amplified audio. And, there are many popular apps like Prime, Netflix, YT, and more. It’s the best choice if you are looking for a big, smart screen at a low price.

4. Samsung Super 6 – 4K Smart TV

Here’s for the Samsung admirers. For people that are looking for best-built quality with deep pocket.
Samsung Super 6 Series comes with a modern slim design, 43 inch rich IPS 4K display that reproduces beautiful natural colors. The audio profile includes 20W Dolby Digital Plus speakers and a powerful tune station interface to make your audio-video experience more pleasing.

The Samsung Super 6(‘er)

The Super 6 Series refers to the six highlight features that it comes with. This list includes UHD 4K resolution, live cast, tune station, lag-free gaming screen mirroring had 60k Plus movie titles.

It is not an Android Smart TV. At its core is the custom smart OS fueled by Quad-core CPU, 1.5 GB RAM. You can still enjoy apps, including Prime, Netflix, YT & a lot more. It also has live cast & screen mirroring to cast the screen from anywhere straight to the big screen.

One of the drawbacks that I found is the port. There is only 2 HDMI & 1 USB port available. I mean, it’s pretty common nowadays to have 3 HDMI to 2 USB ports.


  • Modern look and feel
  • Enriching 43-inch true color 4K display
  • 20W Dolby digital plus output with tune station
  • Tizen smart tv with Prime, Netflix, JioCinema, etc.
  • Wifi inbuilt, Bluetooth absent
  • 2-HDMI, 1 USB port
  • Non-smart RF remote
  • Best for gaming consoles like PS & XBOX
  • 9.7 KG

Final verdict

Samsung Super 6 has a nice build, a premium look, and compelling picture quality. It has a delicate audio profile. But if you are Pro with an instinct to explore every app out there, then this TV is probably not right for you. Tizen, as good as it is, still won’t provide the Android flexibility.

3. Vu Premium – 43 inch official Android TV

Vu 43 inch 4k Android TV

Here’s another mindblowing Android television that, that too at an unbelievably low price. The 43 inch Vu 43UH has an impressive thin black mat modern appearance. Brilliant enriched ultra HD 4K resolution display equipped with Adaptive contrast to enhance the dark scenes like never before, resulting in excellent picture quality.

Loud 20W Dolby speakers with DTS surround sound

The Vu 43” television power packs outstanding audio output. It has 20W of loud Dolby Digital amplified audio. On top of that, you also 5.1 mesmerizing DTS surround sound to makes your overall TV experience a pleasure.

Pure Android experience, smarter remote

This television has official Android Pie 9.0 inside, funneled via Quad-core processor & 1.75 GB RAM resulting in lag-proof smooth operation. The list of pre-installed apps includes Prime, Netflix, Hotstar & more. Like most other Smart TVs, it too has Chromecast inbuild for screen mirroring.

Not a lot of TVs come with smart remote that can take your voice command as this model does. On top of that are dedicated buttons for apps like NetFlix.


  • Premium build
  • 4K with 4X upscaling
  • 3-HDMI, 2-USB ports
  • 20W Dolby amplified audio with DTS surround
  • Android 9.0 smart, Playstore, Chromecast, G Assistant
  • 64-bit CPU, 1.75 GB RAM
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & Wifi
  • Smart remote equipped with voice command
  • Best budget gaming TV

Final Verdict

Hey, are you looking for a premium-looking design, Better build, perfect picture quality, and all of those within a relatively low budget? Get this one! All of these things are inside. It has a 4K screen, beautiful exterior, perfect sound, and much more. It’s good for be it gaming or as a PC monitor.

2. Sony 43W672G – best 43 inch Sony Smart TV

For the starters, this is the most expensive candidate on our list. I have chosen it out of all the TVs Sony offers for those with a taste for Sony.

As expected, the 43-inch television has an excellent built with sophisticated yet modern black-mat design. It has a full HD display with High Dynamic Range and X-Reality PRO that intelligently processes the contrast and upscale every pixel for sharper, brighter picture quality.

X-Protection PRO TV

Now no worry of lightning, fluctuation, or humidity. The X-Protection PRO inside the Sony KDL helps protect your precious screen from unexpected lightning, electric fluctuations. It has high-quality coating in place to keep moisture from igniting the short circuits.

IR Blast all in one remote

Another mention-worthy feature is its IR blast remote. No need to carry multiple remote on your couch to watch the same screen. Now control your TV and your Set-top box seamlessly from the same remote.

Sony 43 inch FHD TV has decent 10W ClearAudio+ audio output with complimentary deep bass.


  • Modern TV design with slimmest bezels
  • FHD display with X-Reality & HDR for highly detailed visuals
  • 20W ClearAudio+ with subwoofers
  • Android Smart TV with 16GB space, Playstore
  • Chromecast for mirroring inside
  • X-Protection PRO
  • Multiple Indian languages supported
  • 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports

Final Verdict

Sony is one of the premium level electronics makers. Sure this TV has a superb build, even better picture quality (FHD), and enhanced smart features with endless content for consumption.

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1. Nokia 43CAUHDN – Trendy 43 inch 4K smart TV

Nokia 43 inch Android Smart TV

Want to buy something hot and latest with all the cool features and luxurious design? Bring home the Nokia 43 inch LED TV. The 2020 feature screen brings you ultra HD 4K screen with incredible contrast, better brightness, and mesmerizing color gamut.

Unmatching aesthetical design

The Nokia 43CAUHDN brings you the pleasing build that has better design and quality that is unmatching in a 43-inch segment.

Authentic JBL sound & unforgettable bass

You can now enjoy every voice and tone clearer with deeper bass, all thanks to the revolutionary JBL sounds.

The smarter TV of 2020

It is the smartest TV right now with Android Pie 9.0, 2.5GB RAM, and a fast response Quad-Core processor.
Enjoy the array of popular streaming apps and games without a lag.

Nokia 43 inch TV brings you the Google Assistance and Chromecast for more fun joy.


  • Best available 4K resolution
  • Unmatching attractive attire
  • Smart Android Pie TV
  • 2.5GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • 24W JBL Box speakers
  • Standard Remote

Final Verdict

The Nokia 43 inch TV, to be honest, has no negative side so far. The performance, quality, and price everything is excellent. It is an aggressive product made to penetrate through the competitive TV market. So it’s all YES from me.

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Top FAQs: Best 43 inch LED TV in India

Which is the best 43 inch 4K TV to buy?

A 4K resolution in a 43-inch screen can provide you with high pixel density. So the best 43 inches 4K TV to buy is Nokia 43CAUHDN or the cheaper Sanyo Kaizen.

Is 4K worth it on 43 inch TV?

The reality is that there isn’t much 4K content available right now. To enjoy the 4K quality on 43 inch TV you will require to have 4K content, plus, sit close enough to enjoy tiniest of details. So yes, 4K worth it on 43 inch TV but it’s more of futuristic approach.

Which brand is the best for LED TV in India?

There are ton of brands right now in Indian market most being US & Chinese. In my opinion, the most trusted LED TV brand is LG, Samsung, & Sony. While more affordable brands include Sanyo, & Mi.

Which TV is best in low price?

The Kodak 40FHDXSMART is the cheapest 43 FHD smart TV in India. While Sanyo Kizen is the cheapest 4K TV.

Is 43 inch TV big enough?

While a 43 inch TV is definitely a big TV but the big enough is completely depends on your room size/ viewing distance. For instance, the 43 inch FHD TV is sure big enough for 5.4-9 feet viewing distance and a few feets more for 4K.

How far should you sit from a 43 inch TV?

For the best viewing experience, you should sit at 5.4-9 feet distance from a 43 inch Full HD the screen. The viewing distance is a few feet more for 4K TVs.

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