The 5 Best G-Sync Monitors in India 2021: A Complete Review

Are you looking for the best G-Sync monitor in India? We have got you covered!

The G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive synchronization technology that helps reduce screen tearing, make your gaming experience smoother by boosting your in-game frame rate. It helps sync monitor refresh rate with PC’s frame rate and results in an in-sync visual output.

So if you have an Nvidia graphics card, getting a G-Sync compatible monitor will be the smartest gaming investment you will ever make. 

With that said, I have spent more than 5-hrs researching and comparing over 13 different G-Sync enabled monitors, and the following are the top 5 that were best performing in our tests.

REVIEWS: The 5 best G-Sync monitors in India for gaming

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1.Lenovo G25

Best 24.5″ 144Hz G-Sync monitor in India

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Headfirst with Lenovo G-series monitor. The G25 monitor not just comes with Nvidia G-Sync but also AMD FreeSync adaptive synchronization technology as well. So whether you have an AMD card or an Nvidia card, you are going to have an impressive performance on either side.

Speaking of mainstream features, the monitor has a 24.5 inch TN panel based display with full HD resolution. It has a high pixel density resulting in crispier pictures and an impressive contrast ratio. The monitor has 400 Nits of brightness and is packed with a complete eye care feature pack, including a blue light filter and flicker-free output. The monitor is also equipped with High Dynamic Range or HDR technology, which makes visuals more appealing and breathing. 

Coming to the speed profile, the Lenovo G25 has a 144Hz of top refresh rate with a 1ms fast response which gives you an edge over your in-game competitor. 

Last but not least is the construction and build quality. This Lenovo monitor has an excellent bezel-less design and a matte-black finish. It has a height-adjustable stand which you can swivel and tilt as well.    

All in all, it’s the best option if you consider the price and features it offers. If you have a budget of less than 15k, then I think you should go for this one.

  • Brilliant built quality
  • High refresh and response rate
  • Height adjustable stand
  • Since its TN panel, the color reproduction is not accurate.


Best 24.5″ 165Hz G-Sync monitor in India

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How about a refresh rate over 144Hz and a faster response than 1millisecond? We are talking about the Asus VG258QR with a 165Hz creamy smooth experience and 0.5ms of ghosting-proof response rate of the most significant selling points. The Esports monitor also supports Nvidia G-Sync & Free-Sync for the max boost. Just make sure your hardware is powerful enough to render that frame rate, and you are good to go.

Apart from speed specs, the design has quite a lot of things to talk about. It comes with a matte black textured finish, slimmer bezels, and height. It has a tilts adjustable stand so you can finally kiss goodbye to the neck pain.

The Asus VG258QR boasts a 24.5 inch IPS class display atop 1080p full HD resolution that reproduces relatively brighter and colourful visual output. There are also blue light and flicker filters for an eye-healthy experience.

  • Brilliant speed performance
  • Excellent built quality
  • Height and tilt adjustable stand
  • Best for the long gaming session
  • Comparatively expensive

3.LG 27GL650F 

Best 27″ 144Hz G-Sync monitor India for gaming

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Next up in our lineup of the best G-Sync monitors is the LG 27GL650F – an Nvidia G-sync compatible monitor with a 144Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response time. It renders ghosting and tearing proof gaming performance when connected with a suitable Nvidia graphics system and gives you a competitive advantage in first-person shooters.

The LG monitor boasts a 27 inch IPS display with full HD resolution and reproduces decent picture quality but with an average contrast ratio. The color reproduction is, however, better. It is also equipped with the HDR10 algorithm, which optimizes your visuals and gives a better depth. 

You have enough connectivity options, including HDMI & DisplayPort options, to connect various input devices. LG 27GL650F has an impressive construction with thin bezels and an ergonomic stand with height and pivotal support. 

  • HDR10 enabled for better picture quality
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Fast performance with 144Hz/1ms speed
  • Pixel density is low, so it’s not for creative professionals
  • The contrast ratio is poor as its an IPS panel

4.Acer Predator XB-271HU

Best 27 inch 2K 144Hz G-sync Monitor in India

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Now we have entered into the premium segment. The predator series Acer XB-271HU is a best in class 27 inch monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms of faster response time. It is backed with Nvidia’s adaptive G-sync technology that helps prevent tearing and makes esports gaming a pleasure. 

The monitor is equipped with 1440p 2K resolution, an ideal combo on a 27-inch display – renders a balanced pixel density. Since it is backed with an IPS panel, you can expect a decent color reproduction but a reduced contrast ratio ( although the manufacturer promises otherwise with a contrast of 1k:1). The Acer Predator XB-271HU comes with plenty of connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0 C port to charge and connect your Macbooks.

I liked the build quality of this monitor more. It has a premium feel in it. With the sturdy black-red themed design, slimmed bezels and ergonomic stand with height and pivotal support. 

All in all, the Predator is the best option for you if you are looking for a premium treat. It has an array of decent features for gaming.

  • Impressive design
  • Excellent visual performance
  • Fast speed profile
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Its relatively expensive


Best 32-inch 165Hz G-Sync monitor in India

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If you have been looking for a large screen G-Sync compatible monitor for gaming, then this is the right option for you. The supported adaptive sync profile includes G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro for better gaming performance with either brand of card.

It is a 32 inch curved display with 1440p a.k.a. 2K resolution. The curvature is 1500R, which means it’s just slightly curved and not an intense curve. Since it’s backed with a VA panel, the color reproduction capacity and accuracy are better than a TN panel but still not on par with an IPS panel. The color profile includes 94% DCI-P3 accuracy, which means creative professionals can use this monitor as well. 

Speaking of speed, the display features a 165Hz base refresh rate along with a 1ms (MPRT) response time.

And finally, the build quality. The monitor has an okayish (not excellent) build quality. It boasts a matte-black finish all over, 3-side thin bezels and a stand with height and tilts support.

  • Curved display with decent picture quality
  • The fast refresh rate of 165Hz
  • FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync supported
  • Doesn’t look premium
  • The contrast ratio is average

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