TOP 9 Best Monitors Under 10,000 in India [2021] – A Review & Buying Guide!

best monitor under 10000 in india

Finding the monitor that fits all your requirements is not as simple as a five-finger exercise. Fortunately, we have curated this list that hopefully will save your time, money, and confusing comparison.

The LG 24MP59G is the No.1 best monitor under 10000 rupees in India. On its side, it has an ideal combination of 24″ crisp IPS FHD display, 1ms response, and up to 75Hz refresh rate for the ultimate lag-proof gaming experience. The other monitor that also impressed me is the BenQ GW2480. If you are looking for an overall balanced monitor, one that’s ideal for work-from-home, and save your eyes from using it for a long duration, then just grab it.

And now with top two choices being covered, its time we dive deeper into the details.

Below, you are going to find the top 9 monitors under 10k with sheer performance for your office, photo-editing, gaming, and movies consumption.

COMPARISON: 9 best LED monitors under 10000

AOC 24B1XHS23.8" IPS
All Rounder
Asus VP228H21.5" IPS
75Hz Gaming
Lenovo L22E21.5" IPS
HP 3WL45AA21.5" IPS
24" VA
HP 22FW21.5" IPS
LG 22MP68VQ22" IPS
BenQ GW248024" IPS
For long hours
LG 24MP59G24" IPS
22" IPS
Heavy Gaming

REVIEWS: 9 best LED monitors under 10000

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9. AOC 23.8 inch – the bezel-less monitor

33% OFF
AOC 24B1XHS...
581 Reviews
AOC 24B1XHS...
  • Attractive modern bezel-less design
  • 23.8” IPS FHD display
  • 180-degree viewing range
  • 7ms/60Hz speed
  • 250 cd/m2 brightness
  • VGA, HDMI & Headphone jack
  • Not for gaming
  • 3Y warranty

Are you into modern designs? Maybe the stylish look is vital to you. Well, then, how about the AOC 24B1XHS? This 21.5 inches Taiwanese LCD monitor is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated monitors out there under 10k. The 3-Way bezel-less attire and premium stabilizing stand give it quite a look.

AH-IPS Full HD technology

The AOC involves a modern AH-IPS panel and full HD 1920x1080px resolution that delivers the most accurate picture quality. It also has 180 degrees of no-color-loss viewing range. The monitor comes with the flicker-free technology that reduces strain and eye-fatigue when used for longer durations.

Built-in headphone jack

One of the best parts about AOC is its built-in 3.5 headphone jack, located right behind it. Good news if you are into enjoying a plug-and-play in the middle of work.

Good for

This monitor is best for office work, movies, photo-editing like things, for home use and places with bright-environment like near window.

Bad for

Due to the low response rate, it’s not ideal for games where you need a quick fast response rate from your display.

8. ASUS 21.5 inch – best gaming monitor under 10k

35% OFF
ASUS VP228H...
152 Reviews
ASUS VP228H...
  • 1ms of response & 75Hz refresh numbers
  • TN Panel
  • 21.5 inch FHD + 16.5M color display
  • Flicker-free & blue light filter
  • 1.5 Watts speaker
  • HDMI, VGA ports
  • 3Y Warranty
  • Decent gaming monitor

Next in the list the all-new Asus VP228H full HD monitor. With TN panel technology employed and over 16.5 million colours, this monitor probably delivers one of the most enriched visual experience.

The 21.5-inch screen has flicker-free, blue light filtering tech up in there to ensure the least strain and pain to your eyes when you’re playing for longer durations.

The superb response rate for gaming

Although the monitor has a standard looking profile, that gap is filled with performance. This monitor has fanatic 1ms of (GTG) response rate for the most fluid visuals.

In-built speakers

No worries if you don’t have other speakers yet. This value for money monitor comes with 1.5 watts stereo speakers in-built which can keep your regular audio requirements met.

Technically, the ASUS VP228H is the monitor with over the top gaming performance. Perhaps the best gaming monitor under 10000. But only if your needs are for graphics design, it might not be the right choice for you.

Good for

The impressive 1ms response and 75Hz refresh rate make ASUS ideal for high-end gaming and esports. It’s also useful for office and other things.

Bad for

Due to TN panel, ASUS is not advisable for graphics and photo editing related work where the focus is on every pixel.

7. Lenovo 21.5 inch AMD Free-Sync monitor

29% OFF
Lenovo 54.6 cm...
664 Reviews
Lenovo 54.6 cm...
  • 21.5” IPS FHD Panel
  • Brighter colors
  • 178-degree viewing range
  • 14ms of response time
  • AMD-Free Sync for a robust gaming experience
  • 3Y Warranty from manufacturer
  • Best for entertainment

Next up is the Lenovo. The L22E monitor features near-edgeless, aka 2mm thin-bezel body and impactful dark color. Display features are quite Impressive. With 21.5 inches Full HD display, power-packed with In-Plane Switching (IPS) that generate the pictures with the most vivid colors and remarkable 178-degree range of view.

AMD Free-Sync for high-end gaming

What makes this panel so unique is its AMD Free-Sync support. This specification together combed with AMD Radeon powered CPU gives the maximum boost to your entertainment experience, including games and movies. But remember, its the best monitor under 10,000 for gaming only if you have AMD Radeon system.

The Lenovo L22E is one of the most aspiring monitors with natural color IPS 21.5 inch display. Its faster response rate and AMD-Free Sync together make it a perfect fit for high-performance gaming, movies, and more.

6. HP 21.5 inch Anti-Glare – best ultra-slim monitor

20% OFF
HP 22...
573 Reviews
HP 22...
  • 21.5” Vibrant color IPS panel
  • 1080P FHD display
  • 178-degree viewing range
  • Low blue light mode
  • Anti-glare coating
  • Whopping 10M:1 dynamic contrast
  • HDMI, VGA & Audio ports for connectivity
  • Best for long hour users

Are you looking for the no-fat, slim monitor? Then look no further than HP 3WL45AA 21.5 inch screen. The superb ultra-slim profile gives the monitor one of the most astonishing outer view. And the performance is not far behind the shine. The Vibrant IPS class vibrant display is coated with a top-quality anti-glare layer to ensure maximum viewing pleasure.

Made for your eyes

This beauty is made to soothe your eyes as it doesn’t just look but perform even better on your eye. Thanks to its low blue light mode+anti-glare, which makes this less straining to the eyes and makes it perfect for long hour users.

HP is one of the most authentic computer manufacturers. And the quality is apparent with this 21.5-inch display. Everything is just perfect to make it one of our best monitor under 10000.

Good for

This monitor is suitable for office, graphics, and photo-editing related works due to its high picture quality and better color reproduction.

Bad for

This HP monitor has a response of 14ms, which is pretty slow for high-end games that demand a quicker response rate. You wouldn’t wont to use this monitor for something that requires a fast response.

5. Samsung 24 inch – best-curved monitor under 10000

TOP 9 Best Monitors Under 10,000 in India [2021] - A Review & Buying Guide!

Samsung LC24F

  • 24” Large VA FHD Screen
  • 250 cd/m2 Brighter and sharper display
  • Curved thin profile
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • 4ms/ 60Hz speed
  • 178-degree viewing range
  • VGA & HDMI Connectivity
  • AMD Free-Sync
  • Suitable for gaming and heavy use

How about a next-gen display screen? Heres the impressive Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL with mesmerizing 24″ curved full HD profile. The screen properties include VA Panel with multi-million colors for more natural picture production. It also has an excellent 60Hz frequency and 4ms of response time that hones all gaming players.

Lucid curved display

This Samsung monitor comes with an exclusive curved VA panel that boasts superior picture quality. It is the only display under 10,000 that features a curved screen.

AMD Free-Sync

The display goes furious when used with the AMD system and gives you an additional frequency boost making the images look break-free.

Good for

This monitor is suitable for work, movies, and other entertainment purposes. And since it has an audio-out port, you can also use it as monitor+TV. The curved design keeps the eye strain at bay. It is a great option to try out curved screen technology.

Bad for

It is a relatively drawback free monitor. But I would like to warn you that some people do not find the curved screen a pleasing experience.

4. HP 21.5 inch Silver – best monitor for photo-editing

9% OFF
HP 22fw...
659 Reviews
HP 22fw...
  • Beautiful slimmest profile
  • 21.5-inch FHD display & anti-glare coating
  • IPS panel & 16.9M colors support
  • 7ms response rate
  • HDMI, VGA ports
  • 4.9/5 ratings
  • 3Y of warranty

HP 22ES is one of my favorites without a doubt. I love the way it looks. It’s so stylish and an attractive thin profile just shines your eye. And that’s probably why its also amazon choice monitor with over 900 9+ ratings.
But apart from just looks the monitor also has some seriously good performance score.

The IPS FRC technology

The Monitor features the 21.5 inch full high-definition IPS FRC tech display to reproduce the best in class picture quality. It is packed with the in-plane switching. The contrast and aspect ratio are 1M:1 and 16:9 respectively. And last but not least, the screen is coated with an Anti-glare+blue light filter to takes care of your eye health.

So HP 22ES is a beautiful monitor. To modernizes your desk and makes it look next-gen. Be it office use or home, its the deal for all.

Good for

The HP 22FW is a monitor of fair squire features. It is excellent for office use, photo editing, programming, entertainment, and even for hardcore gaming. The monitor is substantially bright, so it’s perfect for a super lit environment like near the window.

Hey Editor? Find out more color accurate photo-editing monitors here.

Bad for

The thing that is wrong with this monitor is the narrow tilt range, and you can only move the screen little up and down. So if you don’t have a proper desk setup, then this might be an issue.

3. LG 22 inch FHD IPS – *most popular*

15% OFF
LG 22 inch...
5,370 Reviews
LG 22 inch...
  • 22” enriched IPS FHD display
  • Color calibrated
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m²
  • Anti-glare coating
  • 4-screen split
  • AMD Free-Sync
  • 5ms/75Hz speed
  • HDMI, VGA, audio & headphone port

Now here’s one of the topmost selling monitors under 10000 rupees in India. The LG 22MP68VQ has pocketed over 1150+ 4.5/5 verified reviews on Amazon alone. The LG good has a premium thin-bezel profile that is as good as it can be. It comes with an FHD display that delivers perfect DPI in 22″ size. The monitor is color calibrated out of the box and is color enriched.

Powerful 4 screen split

The LG display comes with its own powerful split-screen mode other than one commendable by the CPU and hence giving you more control over splitting and accessing multiple apps at a time.

Edgeless display

You are about to get the super attractive screen that is borderless on three out of four sides which just looks superb.

Limitless connectivity options

The monitor comes with ports for HDMI, VGA as well as for audio ports and headphones for maximum fun and entertainment.

LG 22 inch display is the one everyone buying. It has an edgeless display and accurate color reproduction and a powerful built-in system for split-screen and more. Best gaming monitor under 10000 Rs.

Good for

This monitor is suitable for a wide range of users. Its premium-grade picture quality and enriched colors make it best for graphics, editing, gaming, movies and just about anything.

It goes perfectly with your Mac. This monitor has audio out ports too in case you are planning to use speakers.

Bad for

None. Just the stand is a little flimsy, so just know that if you are going to buy it.

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2. BenQ GW2480 – best WFH monitor for your eyes

9% OFF
BenQ GW2480...
12,614 Reviews
BenQ GW2480...
  • 24 inch large IPS grade FHD panel
  • Adaptive brightness and blue light filter
  • Flicker-free screen
  • 2W Built-in speakers
  • 5ms/ 60Hz speed.
  • HDMI, VGA & audio & headphone ports
  • 3Y Warranty
  • Best for office and home use

At number 2 in the list of best monitor under 10000 is another Taiwanese creation. The BenQ GW2480 is the 24 inch IPS grade full HD display that comes with highlight built-in speakers.

250 cd/m² adaptive eye care brightness

One of the highlights of the display is its adaptive brightness, which adjusts automatically according to the surrounding and blue light filter that keeps your eyes from unwanted strain. The display feature flicker-free properties which prevent vision fatigue.

With 2 watts built-in speakers

It is only the other monitor under 10000 rupees that comes with built-in speakers (2x1watts each), eliminating the need for your part-time speakers to enjoy your music.

Good for

The monitor has vibrant colors and an eye-friendly screen, which makes it perfect for those who stare at the screen for long hours. Office use, home, movies are high on it.

Bad for

This monitor is not recommended for places with high daylight due to low brightness. It’s not advisable for gaming and color-sensitive works like photo-editing.

1. LG 24MP59G – best 24″ gaming monitor under 10000

34% OFF
LG 60.96 cm (24...
878 Reviews
LG 60.96 cm (24...
  • 24” IPS FHD display
  • Effective anti-glare surface treatment
  • 178-degree view
  • Furious 1ms response time
  • 75Hz refresh rate with AMD card
  • AMD Free-sync
  • HDMI/VGA/Audio/Headphone ports
  • 3Y Warranty
  • Best for games and movies

TOP 9 Best Monitors Under 10,000 in India [2021] - A Review & Buying Guide!

Here’s the crown holder. The LG 24MP59G is the best monitor under 10000 in India. It has a sturdy profile that looks more sleek and superior. As for the technical specs, the LG brings you an excelling 1080p full HD resolution that renders the crispier output with enhanced dark and bright differentiation. Along with that, some other remarkable features include anti-glare surface treatment and –

1ms response & 75Hz of refresh rate

One of the most prominent specs that makes it the best for gaming is the furious 1ms response time and 75Hz frequency, which eliminates the input lag together with AMD Card. The results are fluid video performance and a reduced blur for graphics-heavy games.

It’s my favorite model for the stunning predator looks, seamless display, and robust response and refresh rate. And these specifics are at the core of the ideal gaming/graphics-heavy monitor. Click here for more best gaming monitors in India like this one.

Good for

  • The monitor is quite a deal for the hardcore gamer and movie maniacs.
  • If you are looking for a power-saving option, this is the monitor to go after.
  • Expect the GOD mode performance when combed with the AMD system.

Bad for

  • The color accuracy and contrast are not up to the mark, which is essential for editing professionals.
  • Plus, it has a delicate stand.

Overall top 3 models

What to look for when buying a monitor

The difference isn’t just of size in PC monitors. There are a lot of other essential factors that impact performance. The following are some of these factors that you should consider while choosing yourself the right monitor.

Display panel

There are three popular panel types; TN, IPS & VA. It is the way LED panels are constructed. All these three types serve a different purpose. TN provides a higher response rate but is poor at color reproduction. IPS, in contrast, is excellent at color reproduction but lacks a blazing fast response rate required for high-end gaming.


The resolution is the pixel density of the LED display. The 720p, 1080p, and 1440p are most popular resolutions. Having low resolution on a bigger screen dilutes your picture clarity. Additionally, the higher the resolution gives you a crisper picture and adds up more load to your CPU.

Refresh rate

It tells you the number of images a monitor can show every second. The refresh rate is also called frequency and measured in Hertz (Hz). The popular orate is 60Hz. A higher refresh rate gives you smoother scene experience in rapid action scenes.

Response time

Its the time lag between keyboard input and visible response on the monitor screen. The time lag is most noticeable in the action-packed game and is a problem with the low-end monitors. TN panel delivers the best response and IPS the worst.

Ports available

It is an imperative factor that you must be checking while making a choice. You should make sure your monitor has most of the ports available that you will ever need. Some of the must-haves should be HDMI and audio jack.

Height adjustment, swivel/tilt, and VESA

Many people have comfort issues and need to adjust the screen height or tilt or swivel the screen for a better view. A very few budget monitors allow you to do it.
The VESA is also a must in case you are planning wall mounting.

Here’s the definite PC monitor buying guide in case you want to learn it all.

Your call!

Time for the wrap! The above are the top monitors out there under 10k rupees. It took me hours of extensive research to come up with this list. Each monitor in this list is unique and best suited for a specific use. So figure out your needs first, and drive from there. Have a look at our best monitors under 15,000 [review] if you can increase your budget a little. And don’t forget to check out our budget PC monitors under 6,000 rupees here.