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7 Best LED Monitor Under 6000 Rs in India – Reviews [2020]

Are you looking for an affordable monitor for office work, games, movies, or maybe just for internet surfing? Hey, in this upcoming review, I am going to show you the 7 best LED monitors under 6000 rupees that are best for everything.

The no.1 monitor in this list is LG 20MP48HB. Here you are going to find featured HD and FHD monitors with Energy Star ratings and up to 3 years of warranty to save you a lot of money and energy in the long run.

COMPARISON: 7 best LED monitor under 6000

7. HP 20KD 19.5"
HD Ready
6. Acer K222HQL 21.5"
Full HD
Everyday use
5. Dell E2016HV 19.5"
HD Ready
Office use
4. Micromax 15FH76 21.5"
Full HD
Long hour use
3. LG 19M38HB 19"
HD Ready
CCTV monitoring
2. BenQ GL2070 19.5"
HD Ready
1. LG 20MP48HB 20"
HD Ready

REVIEWS: 7 best LED monitor under 6000

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7. HP K222HQL – best economical monitor

It is a professional 19.5 inch durable HD ready LED monitor. It has a shiny black fiber frame with slimmer bezels finalizing an attractive look to your monitor.


  • IPS panel

  • Energy Star certified – saves a lot of energy/money


  • Not for high graphics use

  • No HDMI

  • Slow response time – 8ms

  • Slightly overpriced

The 1440x900p resolution and 6M:1 contrast ratio give high-quality visuals of documents, pictures, and multimedia. But what might be the deal-breaker for gamers or movie lovers is the response time, which is 3ms slower. And HP 20KD is eco-friendly as it is energy-saving thanks to the IPS panel.

So overall, this HP monitor is more of an office-centric than media or gaming.

Final Verdict

The HP 20KD is a durable, heavy-duty monitor with excellent picture quality. It is an Energy Star monitor that can save you money on the electric bills. The HP 20KD is the best deal for office work and CCTV monitoring. But it’s not perfect for gaming, movies, and similar graphics-heavy applications.

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6. Acer K222HQL – best 21.5″ FHD monitor for everyday use

The 21.5 inch Acer K222HQL is a next-gen, up-down tiltable, Full HD display monitor of amazing features. It has a TN panel boasting 1920 x 1080p resolution that recreates the most vibrant and true to life picture quality.


  • Full HD Resolution 1920x1080p

  • Elegant body design

  • Up-down tilting

  • 68% less energy consumption

  • 1 Year Warranty


  • No HDMI

  • Glossy bezels that may reflect screen light

  • Poor viewing angles

Acers own ACM 100M:1 contrast ratio, and 200 nits brightness give you crisp-clear visual pleasure.

On the outside is an elegant body finish with a glossy smooth coating and complementary up-down tilt from -5 to 25 degrees. Acer’s computer monitors are Energy Stars Cert’ ed. and so it saves you more power and money.

However, the viewing angle fails to impress, and also, there are glossy bezels that sometimes reflect screen light and reduce the visual experience. 

The Acer monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port, so no TV convertible.

Unboxing and performance overview video

Credits: Trustech

Final Verdict

The Acers K222HQL is one of the only two FHD monitors on this list. It has the best in price visual output that is best if you are searching for gaming, movies, or monitor for high graphics applications with no HDMI port. Also, widescreen helps increase office productivity.

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5. Dell E2016HV – best HDR monitor for office/browsing use

This one is another popular monitor in the economic segment. The Dell E2016HV splashes an attractive and shiny black body look with slimmer bezels.


  • Affordable

  • Amazon Choice monitor

  • Durable and long life

  • Highly rated

  • 3-year warranty


  • No HDMI

  • Visual quality not the best

It features a TN panel with a pixelated density of 1600×900 that helps it in reproducing millions of beautiful colors, so you get the most realistic immersive visual experience.

These Amazon’s choice monitor comes with 200 NIT’s of brightness, a response rate of 5ms, and fast 60Hz frequency. It also has 90 and 65 degrees of horizontal and vertical viewing range, respectively.  And It is one of the best monitors for whether it is office use, movies, gaming, or surveillance. And finally, for connectivity, the Dell E2016HV comes with VGP Port.

There is no HDMI port with this monitor, so if you were looking to connect the set-top box, then go for the first option.

Unboxing and resolution test video

Credits: Emirsyah Nasution

Final Verdict

The Dell E2016HV is the most popular monitor best suited for the office related-use, including MS-Office and CCTV monitoring. However, it is not the best choice for HD experience & graphic-heavy application. 

It is the most popular monitor in 6K price point on Amazon with over 359+ reviews averaging 4/5 ratings.

4. Micromax 215FH76 – best Full HD monitor for long hours use

Micromax MM215FH76 monitorMicromax MM215FH76 is a Made in India for India monitor that provides unmatching features. It’s perhaps the only Full HD monitor you can find under 6,000 rupees in the market.


  • FHD Display

  • IPS Panel


  • No HDMI

The 21.5 inch IPS display with 1920×1080 pixel density recreates immersive images that are true to life and perfect for gaming and movies. Additionally, it wraps anti-glare coating and 3H technology to soothe your eyes.

The monitor has a beautiful glossy, durable body with trimmed bezels.

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Unboxing and visual test video

Credits: Trakin Tech

Final Verdict

The Micromax MM215FH76  is a reasonably priced model. The Full HD monitor provides the best in class visual experience for gaming and videos. It, however, can’t be connected to the Set-top box.

3. LG 19M38HB – best monitor for CCTV use

Life's Good's 19M38HB

Life’s Good’s 19M38HB is among the most popular value for money monitor that you can buy. For less than 5K, you get 19 inch HD ready TN display.


  • HDMI Port so you can connect HDMI only input devices

  • Amazon choice product

  • Anti-glare coating and flicker-free technology


  • TN panel

  • Poor viewing angles

The best thing about this wall-mountable monitor is the HDMI port. So if you ever want to turn it into your TV and connect the Set-top Box, then it won’t say “NO!”. Apart from that, this monitor also boasts 3H flick free technology and Anti Glare coating so your eyes won’t suffer. You can see as much as from 90 degrees horizontally and 65 degrees vertically.

LG 19M38BHB is an Amazon Choice monitor that means the assured best value at a price.

Unboxing and review video (Hindi)

Credit: R-Tech Factor Channel

Final Verdict

LG 19M38BHB is an economical monitor that is highly useful for the office and also CCTV surveillance. Thanks to HDMI port, which rarely found at this price range, you can also connect the Set-Top-Box and enjoy TV experience. This monitor, however, is not the best choice for movies and gaming.

2. BenQ GL2070 –  best 19.5″ monitor for movies & photoshop

BenQ GL2070 monitor

BenQ GL2070 embodies slick, simple minimal bezel design and eye-care display technology with sheer visuals and improved comfort to your eyes.


  • Wall mountable

  • Flicker-Free

  • Low blue light, eye-care technology

  • Broad viewing range, i.e., 90°


  • No HDMI port so can’t use as a TV.

  • No IPS panel

It also comes with low blue light and flickers free technology to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

GL2070 is an HD ready monitor with 1600×900 pixels. It features a budget-friendly TN panel frequency of 60Hz, i.e., 60FPS. The monitor also comes with a full 90 degrees of viewing range. And there are VGA and DVI ports available for connectivity with no HDMI. The monitor easily walls mountable.

Final Verdict

BenQ GL2070 is a budget-friendly monitor and one of the best under 6,000 rupees. Its blue-light filtering screen is ideal for those who work on the computer for a longer duration. And finally, it is not the best monitor for gaming or movies.

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1. LG 20MP48HB – best 20″ gaming monitor

LG 20 inch Monitor

The LG 20MP48HB is my favorite allrounder computer monitor that able you to do all kinds of things.

It comes with a neat little inbuilt OS that ables you smartly access controls like volume, brightness, picture mode presets, and more with straightforward mouse clicks instead of those hard-push buttons.

The monitor boasts a powerful Split-Screen 2.0 feature with over 14 different modes for smooth simultaneous multi-window access.


  • IPS Panel

  • Smart Display Controls

  • Split-Screen 2.0 and Reading mode

  • Wide 178 degrees of viewing angles

  • High 250 NITs of brightness

  • Anti-Glare coating

  • VGA & HDMI – for Set-top box connection

  • 3-year warranty


  • None found yet

For readers, the 20MP48HB has a reading mode that cuts-off blue light and reduces eye fatigue.

Unboxing & viewing angles test video

Credits: Unpack Digest Channel

Final Verdict

The LG 20MP48HB is undoubtedly one of the best-LED monitors under 6000 Rs. It provides you with so much value for the price you pay. The monitor has Smart Display Control that ables you to work simultaneously on multiple windows. And its anti-glare and reading mode makes staring at the screen less painful. So this LG monitor is perfect for office needs or CCTV and also as a gaming monitor. This LG monitor is thus an allrounder.

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The quick buying guide

Here’s the simple monitor buying guide for you in case you have confusion understanding different monitor specifications.


Resolution determines the clarity and details of pictures and text. The higher the better. The HD Ready 1366 x 768p is the most popular resolution with budget monitors.

Refresh rate or FPS

The refresh rate is the number of images a monitor can display in a second. Measured in Hz or Frames Per Second. The most popular refresh rate is 60Hz. Higher than 60 is usually not required unless you are playing next-gen games in which case your CPU also needs to be very powerful.

Response time

You can call it the amount of time the monitor takes to respond to your inputs. Lower is better. Say you moved the cursor then its the time monitor takes to show the movement. The 5millisecond is just enough for most of the things but if you play high-end online games then you might consider response rate lower than 5ms.


These are the input ports for the CPU connection. You will find the ports like VGA, DVI, and HDMI with most monitors. The first two are most common in the budget range. If you ever want to connect a Set-top box or gaming console then look for the HDMI monitor.

Viewing angles

Its the range of angles up to which you can see the screen with proper details. The 180 degree probably is the best possible range. It means you can see the display properly from any angle.


Let’s talk about TN and IPS panels for this post. TN panel monitors are most affordable. They offer a faster response rate. IPS panels, on the other hand, are better at the clarity, viewing angles, and energy-efficient.

Over to you!

So that’s the story with our top picks. I just showed you the 7 best monitors under 6,000 rupees in India. So scroll-up and choose as per your needs. Or check out our low budget monitors under 5,000 here.

Comment below if you have any question or need suggestion.

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