The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] – A Complete Review!

The best monitor for graphic design in India that we found in our test is the 32″ BenQ DesignVue, which has a bright display, best in class 100% sRGB color coverage, and fantastic color correction. Expect the outperforming work output from this model. If you need a larger space to play around, then you can go with LG 34WK500, which offers a 34″ ultrawide display with decent color reproduction. And for those on budget, I would strongly suggest LG 24MP88HV for professional experience.

Graphic design monitors are different from regular ones on several key factors. For instance, the displayed colors should be natural and as accurate as it gets. I have researched and analyzed over 23 different monitors to come up with these top 5 options.

With that said, let’s hope in for thorough review and comparison.

COMPARISON: 5 best monitors for graphics design in India

Check Price
5. LG 24" FHD The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!
In-built speaker
4. BenQ 27" QHD
The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!
100% sRGB
Eyecare Tech
10-bit panel
3. LG 27" 4K
The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!
Audio Jack
sRGB 99%
450nits bright
2. LG 34" UW
The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!
34" IPS display
sRGB 99% accu
1. Acer 31.5" 4KThe 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!The 5 Best Monitors for Graphic Design in India [2021] - A Complete Review!
In-built speaker
1.07B colours

REVIEWS: 5 best monitors for graphics design in India

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5. LG 24MP88HV

The best 24″ budget monitor for graphic design

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Let’s head start with one of the most affordable displays for graphic professionals. The 24-inch LG 24MP88HV brings you a flicker-free, FHD display that has superb visual output. It has a comforting 16:9 aspect ratio and typical illumination of 250 cd per meter squared.

One of the added benefits of this monitor is its in-built 10watts speakers, which can come handy if you enjoy music while working on your project.

The color-corrected monitor with 99% sRGB coverage

The IPS powered LG display is color corrected and boasts an extensive color gamut with 99% sRGB coverage that ensures color precise picture quality.

Watch out for your budget! If you are on a low budget, then it’s probably the best monitor for graphic design in India.

  • Decent picture quality
  • Color accuracy is excellent
  • Brightness is adequate
  • Stand grip is little weak it shakes sometimes
  • Inbuilt speakers are of low quality

4. BenQ DesignVue

The 27″ 2K professional monitor

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Next up in the list is the BenQ DesignVue – The particular instalment from the BenQ for a sophisticated graphic designing project. The 27″ monitor features decent looks, textured overhaul, and a stricter build. It has a robust stand with superior ergonomics that is height and side-by-side adjustable.

The display is powered by IPS panel which is best known for brilliant colour reproduction. Plus, it has 1440p (2K) high-density resolution rendering crispier and more enticing visuals.

For interface, the ables HDMI 1.4, DPI 1.2, mDP1.2, and USB Hub. The monitor comes with a height-adjustable and tiltable stand.

Experience 100% sRGB spectrum coverage

Thanks to the IPS technology and BenQ’s innovation, the DesignVue monitor brings you an unmatching 10-bit, 100% sRGB color spectrum coverage. I.e., you can expect the lossless, the truest to life, and accurate color reproduction.

The screen is flicker-free that filters away the blue light to reduce eye strain. 

  • Sharper picture output
  • Professional level color accuracy
  • Best for creative professionals
  • Height, pivot adjustment supported
  • None found

3. LG 27UK650

The best 4K UHD monitor for graphics and gaming

No products found.

At no.3 is the non-other than LG 27 inch UHD monitor – crafted especially for graphics-intensive operations. The next generation appliance features 3840 x 2160p sharp 4K resolution power-packed with HDR 10 IPS panel to deliver the truest to life picture quality. The display boasts sRGB: 99%, Adobe RGB: 73% and DCI-P3: 75% that further narrows the difference between real and digital. 

Additionally, the LG monitor comes with 2-HDMI, 1 VGA and audio ports for connectivity. The screen has an eye care shield to protect your eyes from fatigue due to long work hours. It has a fantastic designer look as well as a highly adjustable stand with the right pivot moving as much as 90-degree.

  • Sharper pictures
  • Decent color accuracy
  • Ideal for gamer cum artists
  • Height, pivot adjustment support
  • Colors may look slightly faded

2. LG 34WK500

The 34″ UltraWide graphic design monitor with 99% sRGB

No products found.

Some designers prefer larger screen space to work. And a lot of them are gamers on the sidelines. The 34″ LG 34WK500 might just be the perfect choice for both. It comes with a large 21:9 ultrawide display providing you with ample room for better working and breathtaking gaming.

The IPS-powered display offers 2560 x 1080p resolution that delivers impressive contrasts and effective black stabilizer. It covers 99% of the sRGB color spectrum and optimal color correction. And for games loving professionals, the monitor brings you 75Hz shutter and 5ms GTG response, which should be enough for most of the hardcore players.

If you don’t much of work on tiniest of details and your focus is more on larger space, then this is the monitor to go for. The LG 34″ ultrawide screen is a must for games with broader landscape.

  • Best for creative professionals with multitasking
  • Decent color consistency
  • No height adjustment

1 Acer ET322QK

The 31.5″ 4K UHD monitor with in-built speakers

No products found.

Here it is! The Acer 31.5 inch, aka 80cm is the best monitor for graphic design in India for 2021. It comes with a 4K super IPS display with 3840 x 2160p pixel resolution. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz and able to produce up to 1.07 Billion natural colours. Acers 4K monitor has 100% sRGB with a 10bit colour depth to help reproduce true to life picture quality.

For music-loving graphics designers, this display also features 2 watts dual speakers so you can enjoy music as you work on your project.

It’s the monitor for professionals working on details. If you are a designer who focuses on tiny details, then Acer is the best option for graphics designers.

  • Best for designers who need large screen space to work with
  • Color accuracy is top notch
  • Picture sharpness is excellent
  • Stylish design
  • No height or pivot adjustment support.

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Over to you!

I have done extensive research on graphics designing monitors and I can assure you of the above-listed monitors for impressive performance. What any graphics designing professionals expect from their PC monitor is to maximize their productivity, to deliver the fine colors, and finish more work at a lesser time. A good widescreen monitor like above can help up your game, see more content on the screen without having to switch between windows. Or consider an affordable 4K monitor if your job is touching up those micro details.

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