The 7 Best Monitors for Photo-Editing in India [2021]: A Review & Buying Guide!

An ideal monitor for photo editing has as accurate as natural colors, at least 99%sRGB coverage, and Adobe color profile. And there are enough decent options available in the market for even an experienced editor to get confused. That’s why I have curated this list.

Below, I have trimmed down the options to the top 7 monitors for photo-editing in India – making it easier for you to choose the perfect one. Expect to get these monitors with excellent color gamuts, crispier resolution, and optimal brightness.


32" VA
100%sRGB 10bit Rec.709 colors
HDMI, DP, USB 3.0 hub
25″ IPS
sRGB colors
HDMI, USB, DP & miniDP ports
32″ IPS
Delta E
HDMI, DP, USB 3.0 HUB & 3.1 type-C ports
24″ IPS
HDMI, VGA, DP, USB 3.0 ports
25" IPS
HDMI, Headphone ports
27″ IPS
27″ IPS
100%sRGB, 99%Adobe RGB
HDMI, DP, USB 3.0 Port

REVIEWS: 7 Monitors for photo-editing in India

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1. BENQ PD3200Q

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When it comes to the realm of monitors, BENQ is no new name. For years, it has been producing some of the best monitors for photo editors. Still, we currently saw that none had the best qualities that superseded PD3200Q. It is the best monitor that you can get for professionals and enthusiasts who wants to take their skills to the next level. It’s a 32-inch with a resolution of 2560x1440p, meaning that you will have a lot of sharp screen space to play around with.

The monitors have an attractive modern build. On the first look, you will discover it’s the BENQ logo located at the bottom center and the power button on the bottom right. Moving to the right-hand side, you will find four ports where two are USB ports, one a headphone jack and, the final one an SD card slot.

BENQ PD3200Q comes with an adjustable base that gives you the flexibility to rotate the screen for your convenience. You can rotate the screen to 90 degrees or 130 degrees. It’s a device that is built, taking into consideration all your needs.

PD3200Q brings a wide array of colors, including 100% sRGB, Rec.709, and 10 bits color depth to provide you with the accuracy you need.

  • Excellent built quality
  • Comes with an array of ports
  • Color accuracy is true to life
  • Superior stand with complete ergonomic support
  • High ticket monitor
  • Pixel density is not at best

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2. Dell U2518D – UltraSharp 25 QHD 2K Monitor

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Dubbed as the world’s first 25-inch monitor with infinity edge, it makes to be the second on the list. 

It features stunning colors and spectacular image quality. It has 99% of the sRGB color gamut. With this device, you have one that will give you high-quality visuals more similar to the real world and with striking depths that will motivate you to see your work till the end. Again, it allows you to multitask in the comfort of your home.

 You will trust this product because of the brand name. For years Dell has been one of the best producers of electronic devices in the world.

  • Nice built quality
  • Color accuracy is decent
  • Renders sharper pictures
  • Height adjustable stand
  • Minar backlit bleeding
  • No cables provided with monitor

3. Acer ProDesigner PE320QK

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Acer is a famous name, especially in the gaming world, where it produces some of the best electronics. But this one is a device that can suit both a game and a photo editor. It is a monitor that is designed for accuracy. If you want to adjust the colors, you will benefit from the calibrated colors. The screen boasts Adobe RGB, sRGB, Rec.2020 & DCI-P3 industry-standard colors that make it possible to achieve real-life accuracy, which is ideal for photo editing. 

The display is made with heavy screen time in mind. I.e., it boasts an anti-glare coating to protect your eye from damage for staying too long on the screen. The resolution is also one of the highest that any photo editor is always on the lookout for.

The PE320QK is a monitor with borderless edges, which enhances its modern outlook. Astoundingly, there are no logos anywhere at the front of the screen. What is visible at the bottom is the power button that is found at the bottom right hand. It comes with a base with a sturdy and robust base that can manage its weight.

  • This monitor is made for artists
  • Excellent 10bit color accuracy
  • Sharper picture performance
  • Fully ergonomic stand
  • None found

4. HP EliteDisplay E243m

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It is a monitor that I would refer to is as one of its kind in this category offering something unique. It comes with a certified webcam that makes it possible to communicate with your colleagues and clients via Skype.

 Comfort is the theme of this monitor. If you want to avoid neck and eye problems, the highly adjustable monitor is there for you. Its monitor pivot enables you to change its adjustability from widescreen to a vertical screen.

 It also comes with inbuilt speakers that, just like in a laptop, make it possible to listen to music while in a relaxed mode.

  • Decent built quality
  • Bright colors
  • Array of ports for connectivity
  • Comes with webcam
  • Color accuracy is not on par

5. LG 25″ Ultrawide multitasking monitor

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For immersive photo editing, get the LG 25-inch (63.5 cm) Ultra Wide Multitasking Monitor, which provides you with a broader field of view. It’s not a dream anymore with this excellent device for high accuracy colors thanks to the 99% coverage of the sRGB spectrum. For those who are not aware, this is the standard color space for high-quality image production.

Its outstanding feature is the screen split, where you can partition the screen into four windows, which can be used at once. It also comes with a strong wall mount that keeps it off from children.

Another feature is the dual link-up, which allows multiple devices such as laptops or phones, to be connected to the PC.

  • Decent picture performance
  • Best for multitasking
  • Value for money
  • No height adjustment
  • Smaller height
  • Color reproduction not at best

6. Lenovo Q27q

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Next up on the list is the Lenovo Q27q monitor. It comes with a 27 inch IPS class display having 1440p resolution which renders sharper pictures with excellent details. The monitor has 99%sRGB color accuracy which means it renders very accurate and natural colors. It has 300Nits of brightness and also comes with an anti-glare coating so you will face less trouble seeing the screen in daylight.

That said, the monitor features a 75Hz refresh rate on top of 4ms response time and AMD FreeSync which gives you impressive gaming performance as well. So if you are an editor with a gamer on the side then this must be on your shortlist. For connectivity, the monitor comes with HDMI & DisplayPorts. The monitor lacks any USB HUB setup.

Speaking of overall build quality, the monitor has a robust construction with thin bezels and a solid metal stand. It gives you an attractive look to your desk setup. However, the stand lacks ergonimics as it doesn’t support height, swivel, and pivot adjustment.

All in all, it’s a decent monitor for those who want an editing monitor with gaming specs.

  • Sharper picture output
  • Decent color accuracy
  • Attractive slim design
  • No height or pivot adjustment

7.BenQ SW2700PT


  • 27″ IPS display
  • 1440p 2K resolution
  • 100%sRGB, 99%Adobe RGB colors
  • Hardware calibrated
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 Port
  • 60Hz/5ms speed
  • Shade hood
  • Height adjustable

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This one is, you can say, the most accurate monitor on this list. the BenQ SW2700PT is equipped with a 27-inch high-performance IPS display and 1440p 2K resolution that produces the finest picture quality. It’s the display build for professionals with industry-standard hardware calibration and 100%sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB accuracy. You can expect the best and most natural color reproduction on this monitor. [Click here for more 2K monitors]

That said, the monitor has multiple ports for connectivity including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0 ports making connectivity across different platforms a breeze. It features a standard speed profile of 60Hz/5ms which is decent even if you plan to play games on it.

Coming to the build quality, the monitor, as I said is built for professionals. It comes with a rock-solid design, a shading hood so you can focus better, and an ergonomic stand with height adjustment support.

All in all, if you are a serious professional who is looking for the best photo editing monitor in India then this is the best option for you.

  • Excellent color reproduction
  • 99% Adobe color accuracy
  • Comes with professional shading hood
  • Height adjustable monitor
  • Can be expensive

GUIDE: What to consider while buying a editing monitor?

Perhaps along the way, you might have wondered what criteria we used to determent which screen is the best. This section provides you with standards that you can use to get one of the best screens on the market.  

Color profile

The natural gamut is something that you cannot ignore if you are a serious photographer. Get a monitor that can support a wide range of colors. The typical color gamut that your monitor should support includes sRGB, and the color gamuts should be at a higher percentage, not less than 99%. SRGB is the standard color space in the industry, and AdobeRGB provides more advanced options. If you have the ability, you should go with them. But never at any instance miss having an sRGB. 

Screen size and resolution ratio

The screen size still matters in that the large the screen, the easier it will be to edit the image as you are more likely to see other things in depth. Here, the only caveat is finding the balance between the screen size and the resolution. If you have two screen sizes, one is large, and the other is smaller, you will discover that the smaller one has a higher image quality.

Resolution matters here. Find the golden ratio between screen size to resolution. Some ideal ratio includes 24″ 1080p/2K, 27″ 2K/4K & 32″ 4K. 

Display coating/Anti-glare 

Display coating is another crucial thing a photo editor shouldn’t avoid. Most of the time, you will be working on the screen. But the major problem with this is if there is no anti-glare, you are more likely to develop eye problems, which can be costly. A screen with an anti-glare feature is so essential for your general health. 

More on the monitor buying guide here.

Your call!

Getting the best photo editor is so essential if you want your career to move in an upward trajectory and for your health. Most of the time, you will be spending your time on the screen. We scanned through amazon and got you some of the best that you can find. We have carefully analyzed them and are sure that they will prove helpful to you. 

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