easy how to connect tata sky to computer

Here’s How to Easily Connect TATA Sky to Computer Monitor with this 2 Cheaper Ways!

Want to know how to connect TATA Sky to your computer monitor? Just keep reading and I will show you some of the best methods to do so in no time. 😉

TATA Sky is one of the leading satellite television service providers in India. With a large array of national and international channels on demand. TATA Sky is best known for three things; Hazel free service, powerful channel pack customization and affordable rates. So who wouldn’t want to enjoy it?

And one more awesome thing? Now you can also enjoy your TATA Sky on your computer monitor. All it takes is the little knowable about ports which btw you’ll learn today.

So let’s get moving.

1. Use the HDMI port of your computer monitor

If your monitor has HDMI port, which most of the modern monitors do, then you have unlocked the easiest way to connect your TATA sky to the computer monitor.

The HDMI port looks like this.

If you have the HD connection of TATA Sky then this same port will also be present on the back of your set-top box.

connecting hd set top box to computer monitor
The backside of the TATA Sky HD Set-Top Box

But don’t worry if you have a standard Set-top box. I have a trick for you.

A normal box has an audio-video port (Yellow-White-Red). Can you locate it on your box?

It looks like this one.

Connecting tata sky sd set top box to monitor
Back of TATA Sky SD Set Top Box

In this case, you will need a 3RCA to HDMI converter cable to connect the set-top box to your HDMI monitor.

Now, let’s look for another scenario.

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2. Connecting the TATA Sky Set-top box to a VGA monitor

You can still enjoy your TATA Sky subscription even on a VGA monitor.

For some of you, the VGA port looks like this one here.

Now if you have an HD Set-top box then, as you know, the box will have the HDMI port. Just get yourself an HDMI to VGA converter and connect them together.

And for the one with SD or standard box, we have the other way around. There’s a 3RCA to VGA converter that you can find and buy online to help sort this thing out. Just get one of these for you and start watching your favorite channel in no time without the extra expense of buying a new TV.

If you still have any problem then just comment below so I can help you.

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